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As a young adult, my parents gave me an old used computer they had picked up and couldn’t figure out how to work. It was the first computer my mom had ever owned. After a year or so of trying to get it to work with no success she gave it to me. It was my first computer and I was bound and determined to figure out how to use it. It was a huge, clunky old Doss system computer with a floppy disk drive that weighed about 60 pounds and I was absolutely fascinated by it, but no matter how many books I found and read the darn thing would not do a thing I tried to get it to do. I struggled for 3 years to learn on that old dinosaur, read every book in the library on Doss commands, Doss for Dummies, everything I could find. Finally I took it to a computer programmer only to find out the old dinosaur was so obsolete that the expert could not make it work either. I was so disappointed and even though I could not get it to work, I just knew that I would love creating on it if it did. In my school days, computer science classes were not even an option yet (I know I’m giving away my age), so I had no previous experience with computers, but I was so excited to learn and so disappointed my old dinosaur did not work.

With children to raise and bills to pay it was several years later before I could afford a new computer. I will never forget the day I was able to go to the store and pick out a brand new one. I could not wait to get home and figure out how to get it up and running. I was overjoyed when the screen lit up and there were images and color and everything I tried to get it to do worked! Unlike the old dinosaur that showed me black and white symbols regardless of what I typed. It was the beginning of a whole new world for me and the beginning of a whole new education.

 It was out of new found knowledge and by neccessity,  through trial and error as my husband opened up his business that I started designing websites. I quickly figured out that the drag and drop builders that were available back then left much to be desired. I am a perfectionist and drag and drop did not always allow me to make things look the way I wanted them to look; so I went looking for a way to force them to look the way I wanted them to (through the use of code).  It was a persuit for excellence that led me on a 10 year journey of study in html, css code and design.

That led to another chapter of website creation. Once I figured out how to build a beautiful website I wanted people to be able to find it. Back to the books, SEO blogs, and the library to learn more on search engine algorithms and functions, social media, directory advertising and other effective online marketing techniques.

I started designing sites for friends and family, and with each new challenge came a new method, insight or lesson. I have had to deal with phonebook directory sales reps for my husbands business who have said to me “You should come work for us”  after not being able to sell us their online marketing. Many of them came in to sell us an expensive online marketing package and left with an eye opening crash course in how it’s done for free. The knowledge that I have acquired has saved my husbands company thousands of dollars and put him consistently at the top of the search engines. That same knowledge can save your company thousands and give you a competitive edge too!

It has been my joy and passion ever since. I just knew in the dinosaur days I was going to love creating and designing on computers. 30 years later, I still do!  

If you’re looking for a website designer that can create the perfect website for your business, get you listed at the top of the search engines and save you money, then we should talk!